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Welcome to Miss Lisa's Artistry of Dance. If this is your first year as a student or if you are a returning student, this page will help you with information for your dancer. Before classes begin we want you to feel prepared. Please read the information for you and your dancer. We are very excited to be starting our 18th Dance Season!!! Welcome to the dance family....Love, Miss Lisa 

Dress Code

Students must be properly dressed for dance class. MLAOD feels it is important that the teachers are able to see the lines and movements of the dancers during group practices. All students are to be respectful of this request. This ensures that the dancers are doing the steps safely and correctly. Jeans may not be worn to class. No street shoes or gum is allowed in the studio. 

Tap/Jazz Class: Students must wear a leotard, tights, black jazz shoes (lace up or tie up), black tap shoes (lace up or tie). Student may wear shorts/dance skirts over their leotard.

Ballet Class: Students must wear a leotard, tights, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Dance shorts or ballet skirts allowed. Hair must be pulled up.

Hip Hop Class: Sweats, Sneakers (clean), Jazz Shoes, t-shirt/ tank top, shorts

Irish Step: Students must wear a leotard, tights, black tap shoes (lace up or tie). Student may wear shorts/dance skirts over their leotard.

Musical Theatre: Students must wear a leotard, tights, shorts. ***Teacher will announce in class what style of dance and type of shoes the student will need***

Baby Class: Students must wear a leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes. ***If the dancer is in Thursday Baby Class, they will need black tap shoes in January***

Junior/Senior Rockettes: Students must wear a leotard, tights, shorts. Black jazz shoes, white Junior Footlight tap shoes 1.5 inch heel only. 

Modern: Students must wear a leotard, tights, bare feet or foot undees. Student may wear tank top, fitted t-shirt, dance shorts. 

Pointe Class: Students must wear a leotard, tights, cover ups only shorts or ballet skirt. Hair must be pulled back. Pointe shoes must be professionally fit. We recomment Bailey's Slipper Shop in Rochester, NY. Dancers who are wearing pointe shoes will need all accessories that go along with pointe shoes (gel pads, wood, band aids, sewing kit, etc). Parents, this will be discussed in class and your dancer will be informed. 
Social Dance: Casual Attire is accepted. Dancers please wear shoes that you will be wearing in the recital. Men: dress shoes Ladies: Black Character Shoes


Miss Lisa can order dance attire. Please stop in for shoe fitting/payment on August 29-30 5:30-7:30 pm

Prices and order sheets are at the front desk. NO SHIPPING FEES ON OUR FIRST ORDER!!! Dance tights are sold at the studio $9 a pair.

**We also have a gently used shoe rack $5 a pair, if your dancers wants to check at the studio**

 Liv's Clothing-Hornell

Dottie Jane Clothing-Arkport

Please message Miss Lisa if you have questions about dance attire. 

Important Things to Remember:

Stop in to Miss Lisa's office to check your dancer in and to pay for your lessons. If any student is paying in full for the dance season, they will receive THREE free lessons. This must be paid before the first Saturday class. No exceptions. 

Miss Lisa's office is ONLY for the teachers, desk help and Miss Lisa's assistant teachers. Parents and dancers are not allowed to be in this area. Please respect this. Thank you. 

Parents are NOT allowed to watch classes in session. I feel this takes away from the learning process for your dancer. I have a catered event in January to celebrate your dancers journey with a HUGE open house. Parents are allowed to watch classes in session at that time.

Remember that we have multiple ways of getting down to the studio: Back entrance is the most popular way (faces the YMCA), we have access to the Broadway entrance. You may take the stairs down or we have an elevator ONLY for those in need. Please respect the studio and the building we are in.

Dance postcards will be sent out. We have classes that are open to students, but don't wait! Once a class fills, we sadly cannot accept your dancer into that class. Our dance year starts at the end of September. We start the week of September 18th. If you do not receive your dance postcard, please let Miss Lisa know. 

We are so excited to see our familiar dancers and our new dancing faces this season!!!! Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to my dancing school. Come see what we love to do.

2021-2022 Teaching Staff:

Lisa M. Pelton, Tara Phelps, Keshia Rouse, Kathy Conine,  Kate Racalto-Herrera, Jill Egmond, Holly Mix, Grace Smith, Jody Bill 

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